Diamond Blue Financial Services

Wholesale Investment Opportunities

At Diamond Blue Financial Services we aim to deliver unique investment opportunities to our clients and to provide investment outcomes that complement our client’s investment objectives. In this area, we offer the flexibility the bigger institutions find difficult to provide and accordingly our financial planning and investment solutions are typically more tailored to meet the requirements of our client base.

We work with a select group of wholesale investors and focus on secure premium, boutique investments. We specialise in procuring projects that are well researched, heavily scrutinized and that offer a very attractive return over the medium to long-term.

Diamond Blue differentiates itself from other practices by having close relationship and network contacts with sophisticated managers covering the space of fixed interest, mezzanine debt, private commercial property deals and hedge funds. Diamond Blue is especially strong in the area of alternative assets. We work hard to identify and review sophisticated wholesale investments for our clients either sourced by us or introduced by our clients.

We employ strict trigger points across the managed funds we select for our clients. Meetings are conducted frequently with the fund's management team and any managers that change their investment process are thoroughly reviewed and may be removed from the portfolio.