Diamond Blue Financial Services

Socially Responsible Investing - Our Process


Our Process

Diamond Blue Financial Services follows two strict screening processes in selecting ethical and socially responsible managed investments for our clients.


SRI Screen

We screen the potential managers' investment universe and current holdings to filter out any investments in the following industries:

We prefer managed investments that have a strong environmental, social and corporate overlay and are signatories to the United Nation 'Principles of Responsible Investing' (PRI). You can access the PRI website here.


Investment Screen

The traditional investment selection and asset allocation procedure is then followed to construct the optimal portfolio depending on our client's risk profile.

We follow a strict and rigorous approach in constructing investment portfolios and we view manager selection as a critical step in this process. Extensive due diligence is carried out including the research of the organisation, interviewing managers, evaluating their philosophy, investment process, historical track record as well as their ancillary service providers. Once a managed fund is added to the portfolio, the fund’s performance is tracked and assessed on a monthly basis by our Investment Committee to monitor and determine if there are any changes in the manager's investment process, style or philosophy. Any changes are closely reviewed and if required actions are undertaken to commence changes of manager.