Diamond Blue Financial Services

Portfolio Advisory and Construction

At Diamond Blue Financial Services, we can assist you to build and manage a portfolio in line with your personal views and risk profile.

We follow a strict and rigorous approach to constructing our tailored portfolios and we view manager selection as a critical step in this process. Extensive due diligence is carried out including the research of the organisation, interviewing the managers, evaluating their philosophy, investment process, historical track record as well as their ancillary service providers.

Once a managed fund is added to the portfolio, its performance is tracked and assessed on a monthly basis by our Investment Committee to determine if there are any changes in the manager's investment process, style or philosophy. Any changes are closely scrutinised and actions may be taken to change the manager.

Asset weights are then applied based on our long-term investment outlook and are placed to strategically position the portfolio with adequate diversification benefits. This ultimately reduces volatility and delivers a consistent performance outcome for our clients.