Diamond Blue Financial Services

Mailhouse and Administration Services

As a valued client of Diamond Blue, we can offer ongoing management of your personal financial affairs so you can focus on your family, career and the big financial picture - not the day-to-day administration associated with your investments.

We act as a centralised mailing house for all of your investment correspondence and bill payments. We ensure that your investments’ bank details, TFN & ABN are correctly recorded by the issuer. We also deposit cheques, save incoming statements and label bank transactions where applicable. Your investment related tax documents are seamlessly passed to your accountant. We reconcile and produce data such as cost base, income details, capital gains reports and corporate actions.

We holistically capture all of your financial assets including cash, managed funds, shares and investment property in one spot so you can view them on a single platform.

Diamond Blue's personalised ongoing management of your wealth includes:

Regular analysis of your portfolio by a personal advisor creates a superior level of service, and ensures changing circumstances and opportunities for growth and efficiency are met.

Diamond Blue Financial Services utilise the IRESS Xplan* platform so that clients can view their portfolio at any time of the day.