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Socially Responsible Investing - Our Philosophy


"Investments that matches your personal beliefs and values to positively impact the environment, human rights and diversity"


Our Philosophy


At Diamond Blue Financial Services, we strongly believe that long-term economic and social value creation is only sustainable if we all take responsibility for the consequences of our actions on our environment and society.

Our team believes investing ethically can be achieved without compromising investment returns and objectives. According to The Responsible Investment Benchmark Report 2015, Australian managed funds that are considered as ethical or socially responsible have delivered higher returns over the 1, 3, 5 and 10-year period than the average industry peer as well as the Australian stock market.

Access the full report  here.

Through our research we have developed an ethical portfolio, which encompasses and recognises the above attributes and specifically caters financial opportunities to clients with similar interests.

We are restricted by three strong guiding principles in constructing our Ethical Portfolio for our socially responsible clients:


Principle 1 - We will endeavour to select investments by assessing that environmental and social impact

Principle 2 - We will monitor the selected investments and remove those with negative environmental and social impact

Principle 3 - We will work closely with the Investment Committee to implement the above principles


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