Diamond Blue Financial Services

Philanthropic Strategy

Many of our clients believe that wealth comes with responsibility. In our experience, whether you donate your time, money, or experience, there are few decisions that are more personal and heartfelt. We believe your involvement should reflect your values and have a lasting impact.

In order to help you achieve your philanthropic objectives, we discuss the different ways that you can give with a particular focus on your financial contribution. Advice on philanthropy forms an integral component of these strategies whereby you allocate a part of your resources to serve community and social interests beyond your family needs.

We help our clients establish and manage their Private Ancillary Funds (PAFs).

Diamond Blue Financial Services is a long term supporter of Cerebral Palsy Alliance (CP Alliance) and the 20/twenty Challenge.

The 20/twenty Challenge has been run for the past twelve years. Teams have gathered on Shelly Beach, Manly at sunrise to take part in a physically demanding yet rewarding experience. Teams of four compete against one another in a "triathlon like" course consisting of a 2km Swim, a 20km Walk/Run* and a 3km Kayak.

For more information on how the fundraising from 20/twenty assists Cerebral Palsy Alliance click here.



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