Diamond Blue Financial Services

Frequently Asked Questions


Q: How much money do I need to see Diamond Blue Financial Services?

A: The amount of your savings or assets does not matter. The situation of each individual is unique and equally important. Our advisers will look at your situation and help you with a strategy that is best for you.

Q: When is advice from Diamond Blue Financial Services needed?

A: Most people choose to see a financial adviser at significant turning points in their life. They may need a professional to help them consider their options and to understand financial products, tax laws or the benefit system. With Diamond Blue Financial Services, a long-term relationship often develops with regular meetings to review changing needs.

People most often consult  Diamond Blue Financial Services when:

  • Starting work or changing jobs and looking at superannuation options

  • Getting married, or separating from a partner

  • Starting a family, and saving for education costs

  • Buying a house, or paying off the mortgage

  • Looking to invest for capital growth

  • Planning to retire

  • Inheriting money, receiving redundancy payments or other lump sum payments. 

Q: Why should I protect my assets?

A: Protecting your hard-earned assets through appropriate insurance is an essential part of the financial planning process. The right insurance advice can help you minimise risks, provide security to your family’s future and soften the financial burden of serious injury or illness. Our advisers are able to analyse your insurance needs and recommend appropriate cover to protect your wealth and your family.

Q: How much does financial planning cost?

A: The cost will be different for different individuals as their  circumstances are unique. You will receive a complimentary initial consultation to review your financial health. No personal advice is provided at this meeting but we may provide general superannuation advice.

Once Diamond Blue Financial Services understands your financial situation and goals you will be given a quote detailing the type and cost of advice which would be most useful to you. We will tailor our level of service to your unique requirement.